How people write


When a person writes – it’s nice to look at. At this moment a person justifies his/her name of a man and woman. And what’s more, he embodies a man in the Nietzschean sense of the figure that needs to be overcome. Or in Marxist – a man freed from the captivity of necessity and striving to make his contribution to the common intellect.

I hear the convolutions of a man writing creaking under the skull. I see how his eyes are burning with some sudden insight, how he nervously gnaws the pen or affectively hits the keyboard. I feel how neurons connect with the neurons in his head and form new synoptic connections. Hi, I’m a neuron A, hello, I’m a neuron C, hello, I’m a neuron A, and where is neuron B? I’m here! What happens together? ACAB? If you know what I mean.

All the writing people are various, they have different cultural experiences, intellect, age, gender, race, political position… but at the same time they are similar to each other, they have something in common – pose, head tilt, eye expression, purposefulness, mindfulness, reverie, followed by illumination. A person enters the ensemble of relationships with language, keyboard, google search, read books, viewed movies, classics and avant-garde, modern and post-modern. At the time of writing, a person dissolves in a natural-cultural assembly: he is an animal endowed with language, bio-anthropological-techno-assemblage, in which metabolism involves the digestion of symbols, signs, letters, images.

I write, she writes, you write, they write, we write. The letter forms us as a person, we fuse with what was written, but the moment of alienation comes. We yawn, stretch. The process of writing is over, the affect has faded. Only signs on the screen. Again, distance, analysis, alienation.


Your Roman Osminkin