Queering Waste Through Camp

“Like queer theory, discard studies is interested in uneven remainders, things that don’t fit neatly into categories. “

Author: Guy Schaffer
Year: 2015

Schaffer suggests to look at the contemporary notion of ecological waste—trash, fracking fluid, nuclear fallout—through the perspective of camp. That said, waste ceases to be taken any less seriously; on the contrary, it is granted a unique model which makes waste explicitly visible, without neutralising it by means of “zero waste” politics, which see waste as a resource that can be fed back into the system. Rather than de-politicising waste, camp and its inextricable relation to queerness refuse the notions of reusability of waste; they escape the often-moralising attitude of minimising waste’s visibility and constantly remind us of the unpleasant nature of trash. According to Schaffer, camp is a helpful framework through which one is able to refuse to distance themselves from the sheer discomfort of the ecological reality of waste.

FULL ESSAY: https://discardstudies.com/2015/02/27/queering-waste-through-camp/