Paragraphie is the materialization/zine of a lengthy dialogue between the members of the Macedonian collective Assemblage Atlas. The collective is exploring and questioning the institutional world of art and it’s possible restructuring.

Author: Assemblage Atlas
Year: 2018
Country: Macedonia

Assemblage Atlas is a Macedonian collective consisting of Anastasija Pandilovska, Ana Jovanovska and Amir Karahasan. Their zine Paragraphie is the outcome of their lengthy dialogue which conceived and generated collective knowledge in order to put in perspective the contemporary artistic practice in today’s cultural environment. Inquiring about older art practices and sharing established modes of thought and writing gave them a landscape in which they can position themselves and understand how an artist in today’s local and an overall Eurocentric environment can function. Recording and mapping relations in art, as well as art with society and the individual, brings to rethinking hierarchical structures and incites new creative ways of restructuring the very cultural environments which have shaped us, and which imply a mode of work and relations we do not feel comfortable with. Questioning the position of institutions and their relation to cultural workers should not be perceived as a classic institutional critique, but rather as an investigative mode of reflection and self-positioning. It is something that can be applied to one’s own practice by simply observing other institutional structures outside of the world of art and by simply mimicking or recreating them.

The concept began with reviewing the institutional structures of art and questioning who delegates the artists. Once looking at the etymology of the words for art and artist, it records them, assembles them into the form of an atlas, compares them with themselves and rethreads parallels for refinement. These results are references and additional commentary is added by the artists and the concept then materializes in the artbook/fanzine called Paragraphie.
By creating an online mapping structure to which everyone can add their own connection they’ve created an artificial environment in which forms, such as institutions, are reconnecting and developing new connections to other forms, such as individuals.