Kassák Museum

The exhibition programme of Kassák Museum in Budapest is exemplary in a way how they deal with the legacy of Lajos Kassák, one of the most influential avant-garde writers and artists of Hungary.

Country: Budapest, Hungary

Institutionally belonging to the Petőfi Literary Museum, Kassák Museum on the one hand creates frameworks for displaying the work of Kassák in the form of exhibitions, symposia, research projects and other programmes nurturing the discourse around the oeuvre and also linking it to the contemporary realm through context-specific exhibitions of contemporary artists.

An example of these projects is the long-term, participation based exhibition organized in partnership with the School of Public Life (Közélet Iskolája) community education and research centre entitled Time for Action – Housing Movements in the 20th Century surveying the struggles for housing from the beginning of the twentieth century until the political transition of 1989. The project touched upon the social realities of people in need, tactics of survival and possible ways of self-organization and advocacy. In the right-wing climate of an anti-poor authoritarian turn in the country, including the criminalization of homelessness, the lack of a proper social housing system and the continuous weakening of the civil society, I find it crucial that a (publicly funded) museum is engaging with these issues in a socially and artistically sensitive and responsive manner.