Hybrid Cultures

Hybrid Cultures: Strategies for Entering and Leaving Modernity, a foundational book to Latin American cultural studies.

Author: Néstor García Canclini
Year: 1989
Country: Argentina

What does it mean to be criollx? What does it mean to be mestizx? What does it mean to be Chicanx? The term hybrid cultures, although well known in the postcolonial discourse thanks to the contributions from authors like Homi Bhabha (The Location of Culture, 1994) and Paul Gilroy (The Black Atlantic as a Counterculture of Modernity, 1993), it was coined by the Argentinian anthropologist Néstor García Canclini before 1989.

The concept could be taken as general and universal, belonging to different societies; however the author makes a difference. García Canclini emphasizes the importance of the specific socio-political, economic, and cultural context, where the hybridization is taking place, but at the same time the historicity of the relation of power between the parts involved in the process. Is a conqueror a migrant? The membranes, where cultures touch, are not equally porous. The power structure in the hybridization makes a difference.


~ Agustina