Alma Sodnik

University of Ljubljana was established in the new political order after the first world war, with it came the Faculty of Arts (1919) and the Department of Philosophy (1920). Among the prominent figures that contributed to the institutionalisation of philosophical thought in Slovenia was Dr. Alma Sodnik.

Year: 1975
Country: Slovenia


Together with France Veber she shaped the first period of the department (spanning between the founding of the department and the end of the second world war). As noted in the Collection of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana 1919-2009 this period was defined by the “strong philosophical personality, prof. Fr. Veber, and the activity of Alma Sodnik”. Such phrasing is not uncommon. As the former is attributed a philosophical personality, establishing Veber as a prominent figure of Slovene history of philosophy, awarding him the aura of the author, the latter is attributed with mere ‘activity’, a vague function, which solidifies the marginal place of Alma Sodnik within the footnotes of historical writing.

EXCERPT TRANSLANTION “How Mislej came to that is made apparent by the emphasised problematic of the ‘word’ and the ‘image’. Mislej is convinced that in the history of philosophy, from Thales to his present time, the difference between the image and the word as means of expression, between the visually-plastic and sonically-verbalistic, is neglected. Only the image has the character of permanence and accuracy, the word is merely a fleeting and inaccurate expression (homograph words!); only the image leads to a clear realisation, while the word is a source of vagueness and hampers realisation. For Mislej, this problematic raised the question: is it possible to conceive a separate method, one based on the ‘image’?” (Alma Sodnik, Izbrani eseji / Collected Essays, Slovenska matica, 1975, p. 211)